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Okay sorry for all the photos but this bathing suit says “Rad” thus I need it in my life #latina #swimwear #ineedthis #onepiece

my best friend is sexy

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Changing Your Thought Processes.

I am ugly - I am beautiful

I am worthless - I have worth

I am sick - I will heal

I hate myself - I will learn to love myself

I am weak - I am strong, or I wouldn’t be here today

I am moody - I have profound emotional depth

I am lost - I will find myself

I am scared - I have courage

I am crazy - It is normal to struggle

I am in pain - It’s okay to hurt

I am tired - I will not give up

I’m not good enough - I am better than “good enough”

I can’t change - I can change

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how do i apply for this job

i would accidentally step on atleast half of them 

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"The best smell in the world is that man that you love."

Jennifer Aniston

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